Hungry for Justice Film and Debate at Utrecht University

logo-hungry-for-justice-staand In March and April 2014 LAR organizes the Hungry for Justice Film & Debate Series in Utrecht. The program features some fine thought-provoking documentaries on the world food system, conflict over natural resources and alternatives. Filmmakers and experts will be present at every screening to discuss the films with the public. All the sessions will take place on Thursday evenings, 20 and 27 March, 3 and 10 April 2014 at Utrecht University. Program. Flyer.
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Publication: Conflicts over Natural Resources in the Global South – CoCooN

January 2014. ‘Conflicts over Natural Resources in the Global South: Conceptual Approaches‘ is a joint publication of the CoCooN research programme. It presents the conceptual approaches of all the interdisciplinary CoCooN projects, ranging from green criminology and political ecology to institutional analysis, legal pluralism and identity politics. The authors cover a wide array of resources, geographical contexts (Africa, Asia and Latin America), and conflict dynamics.
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A Hungry Colombia: a negligent state and communities in resistance

informe_derecho_alimentacion_2013  Bogotá, December 2013: A Hungry Colombia: A Negligent State and Communities in Resistance is the title of the third report on the situation of the Right to Food in Colombia 2013. It analyses both the precarious situation of that right in Colombia and the deplorable role that the State has in continuing and deepening the violations of the right to food. It presents valuable experiences of community and social resistances that seek to contain such violations and propose alternatives of self development focused on the defence and promotion of the right to food. Executive Summary (English/Spanish). Full Report (Spanish).
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International seminar: Land concentration and land grabbing in Colombia

seminario_acaparamiento_tierras_colombia  On October 9, 10 and 11, 2013 the international seminar “Land concentration, land grabbing, rural development and the right to food” takes place in the Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogotá. International guest speakers from North/South America and from Europe discuss and reflect on the geopolitical phenomena of concentration and grabbing of land, territories and resources and its relation to agrifood issues and rural development in Colombia. Program. Detailed information.
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Colombian Afro-descendant peasant women make demands to UN Committee

cedaw  Geneva, October 2, 2013 – Afro-descendant peasant women in the Cauca region of Colombia experience continuous violations of their right to adequate food and nutrition due to the expansion of the agro-industrial sugarcane sector and the resulting lack of adequate safeguards for accessing land for agricultural production. This statement has been portrayed in acommon report by FIAN International and FIAN Colombia submitted to the UN Women’s Rights Committee CEDAW, and orally presented by Adelaida Molina, member of the affected communities, who presents the struggles and demands of the women of the community Monte Oscuro today in Geneva during the CEDAW Committee’s Review of Colombia.
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Civil society forum: Transnational corporations and human rights, in Medellín, Colombia

29th of August 2013 in the city of Medellín, Colombian and international organizations and social movements gathered to present their analysis, reviews and strategies against the actions of transnational corporations and human rights situation in Colombia and other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean. In their final declaration they demand justice against the systematic human rights violations, pollution, exploitation and destruction of their territories and natural heritage perpetrated by national and transnational corporations. They emphasize that voluntary standards and principles are insufficient and not compatible with the system of protection of human rights. They even contribute to prevailing impunity for such violations committed by the companies with the consent of the States. Press release (Spanish).

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Seminar “Humanos mais que Direitos” in Planalto, Western Pará/Brazil

seminariocptagosto2013 On 22nd of August 2013 the seminar “Humanos mais que Direitos” took place in Acaizal-Planalto ind Western Pará/Brazil with the presence of the Public Ministry of the State of Pará. The local indigenous and quilombolas communities denounced severe environmental/land conflicts with soy farmers which are expanding their soy plantations into the areas of the communities. The social organizations CPT and Terra de Direitos as well as a researcher from UFOPA contributed to this dialogue with their expertise. The representatives of the Ministry promised to follow up the cases with INCRA and the Federal Public Ministry. Report (Portuguese).
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School for inter-ethnic agreements, Cauca Valley, Colombia

acuerdos_interetnicos_foto_2013 From 15th to 18th of August 2013 the inter-ethnic and inter-generational school took place in Lerma, department of Cauca, Colombia. Central topics of discussion were the inter-ethnic conflicts in the department of Cauca and the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC.
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Community El Hormiguero claims Right to Free, Prior and Informed Consultation – Santiago de Cali/Colombia

Santiago de Cali, 10 July 2013. The  community of El Hormiguero, situated in the neighbourhod of the City of Cali/Colombia, has sent a letter to the President of the Town Council regarding the approval of the ”Revision and adjustment of  the land use plan of Santiago de Cali”. They claim to be consulted regarding the decisions on the land use plan according to their Right to Free, Prior and Informed Consultation as the Colombian state has to guarantee that the territorial and cultural rights of this afro-descendant community won`t be affected with this revision of the land use plan. Letter to the Town Council (Spanish).
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Peoples’ National Congress for Peace in Bogotá/Colombia

congreso_para_la_paz  On 19th – 22nd of April 2013 the Peoples’ National Congress for Peace took place in Bogotá, Colombia. With the presence of about 20.000 people highly relevant topics regarding the peace building process in Colombia were discussed from a peoples’ and civil society perspective. The conflict situation in the Cauca Valley and the relation between extractive industries and environmental conflicts were discussed with contributions of CENSAT and local leaders. Final declaration (Spanish).

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Public statement: plans for hydroelectric dams in Tapajós River/ Amazonia increase conflicts and affect human rights

foto-nota-publica  1st of April 2013, civil society organisations, social movements and local organizations send a public statement to the Federal Public Ministry of The State of Pará, Bazil, denouncing the increase of environmental and social conflicts in the area of construction of  several hydroelectric dams in the Tapajós River. It states that the  Brazilian State acts with disrespect for international Human Rights Conventions, such as the ILO Convention 169 for the Right to Free Prior and Informed Consent and Prior Consultation, when imposing mega-development projects in Amazonia. Advancing with the Tapajós Hydroelectric Complex and other infrastructural projects the Brazilian Government favours the interests of  national and international corporations, investors and industry and disregards basic territorial and cultural rights of local populations. Public statement (Portugese).
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Civil society in Itaituba expresses concerns about human rights abuses related to the Tapajós Hydroelectric Complex

itaituba-2-march  On 22 and 23 of March 2013, about 70 representatives of civil society organisations, social movements and local communities gathered in Itaituba in the State of Pará /Brazil to discuss the impacts of the construction of hydroelectric dams in the Tapajós River and to develop strategies of resistance. Central topics of the discussions were the territorial and cultural human rights of the local communities that will be affected by the construction of these dams. In a final public letter the organisations state their concerns about increasing conflicts and human rights abuses.  Report (Portugese)
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National and European TV stations visit indigenous territory Munduruku – Planalto, Brazil

media-visit-munduruku  In December 2012 the Brazilian online TV station Agencia Publica and the French private TV station Canal Plus came to document the unbearable living condition of the villagers in Munduruku-Planalto. The communities have to face the invasion of their territories by soy producers. The environmental damage that is caused by big-scale soy plantations in the region, deforestation and water pollution are continuesly affecting the livelihoods of these indieneous groups.
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FUNAI starts demarcation of indigenous territory Munduruku-Planalto, Santarém/Brazil

demarcation-munduruku 15 December 2012, as a first result of the hearing with the Federal Public Minstry in October, the National Indigenous Foundation FUNAI started officially the process of demarcation of the indigenous territory of Munduruku-Planalto. With this procedure, the communities hope to get more protection of their lands and resources and to be able to stay in their villages in the future.
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Public Seminar: “Amazonia: Who owns this territory?”

On 26 and 27 of November 2012, the two-day seminar ”Amazônia: de quem é este Território?” was held in Santarém on the occasion of the “Year of the Defense of Amazonia”. Key-note speaker Professor Alfredo Wagner Berno de Ameida, University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) tackled central concerns of the local populations with his presentations titled “Who occupies Amazonia?” and “Perspectives of struggle for the recognition of the territories of Amazonia”. (Article p.8 in Portuguese).
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